An Indoor Picnic For A Cold Night

You don’t always need to be in parklands to enjoy a picnic. An indoor picnic can be just as fun.

It's a little easier to set up and you are less likely to get rained on! As the weather cools down, getting outdoors becomes more and more of a chore, inviting friends to a picnic may not always be met with a warm response. So let’s bring that picnic indoors, make some room on the lounge room floor and treat the space like an indoor tent and get creative!

Can't get a babysitter, and it’s date night? An indoor picnic can also be an option for those creating a romantic night in. You don’t need much more than a few throws, cushions, and candles, and you are well on your way. So let’s keep it simple, food wise and decor wise. You want to create an intimate space so choose a nook of your home that you don’t usually use; you want to make it fun and an unexpected treat.

I've selected a few of my favourite comfy cushions, a simple throw and pulled together a quick antipasto. You can be a total cheat - and let's face it if it's Friday night who can be bothered cooking? Getting take out and relaxing on some cushions sounds like the perfect night to me! Get your plates and cutlery close to your set up, put some chilled wine and glasses on the side, light some candles and relax. Sure it’s not the same as being waited on in a gorgeous restaurant, but sometimes spending some time with the ones you love at home is just what is needed.

I know what some of you are thinking why? I say why not! We all tend to fall into the rut of doing the same things that are easy. I have a house that I love but not every room is used as much as the others. Set the scene and make it romantic. Turn off all the lights and just use masses of candles. Make up a playlist of some of your favourite songs you haven't heard for a while - you never know, you might end up dancing in the hallway!

Need some ideas?

  • Make a kids area using sheets and blankets to create a teepee with some fun fairy lights that you can find everywhere at the moment.
  • Infact, get the kids to set up the picnic. Sit back and relax, sandwiches for dinner is fine by me!
  • Set up a movie night with your girl friends. Big boards of home made pizza, with a rug on the floor and a big bucket of ice to keep the wine cold.
  • Put up a tent in your loungeroom and pretend you are camping for the night. It's warmer, you are closer to the bathroom and without the wind blowing, a tent can be quite cosy!

It's all about thinking out side of the box and having fun, you should try it!