Honey, I'm Home!

Oh it’s a sad reality coming back home after what feels like months away!

….But back to reality, which means back to work (like the launch of my next book - yippee!!) and slowly slotting myself into everyday life here in freezing Melbourne. Travelling always makes me appreciate home, and as much I love visiting new cities, I also love coming home to this beautiful city. What I loved when I was travelling where all the beautiful and travel tips I received from you, my lovely readers. So, a little post about my recent travels, short & sweet because if you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have missed out on my favourites!

chelsea flower show.jpg

It was a dream come true to attend the Chelsea Flower Show in London, Wow! What a fantastic experience - both visually and emotionally. To be always surrounded by so many flowers in bloom with the most delicious aromas, it was an experience I will never forget. I have come home inspired, ( to say the least) with more than a few garden ideas the weekender at Main Ridge. Watch this space!


Meeting my gorgeous husband in Morocco was the beginning of all the fun. I have to say; I loved rediscovering Morocco. The colour, the smells and the vibrancy of the area lured me in, and no matter what corner you turned, there was a picture-perfect seen waiting for you. Morocco is such an exotic country that is layered with so much history ... exploring the area around the old Medina in Marrakech and Fez was just so much fun. The Berber Market in the Atlas Mountains with its wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables sucked me in! Now, You know I love a table laden with fruit, flowers and anything that looks a little exotic and if I had the chance I could have gone crazy at that market! I really feel like I lived in this area in another life - I am so drawn to the fabrics, buildings and homewares. I literally cannot get enough of it.

A night in Scarebeo ‘The stone desert’ was an absolute highlight of Morocco. Being surrounded by dessert, sleeping in tents and taking sunset camel rides was a lovely break from the hustle of the city.


Our next stop was at a place my family loves to holiday in - Greece! We have spent many a summer in Mykonos and keep coming back for its amazing weather, beautiful scenery and delicious food. Bruce and I both have our favourite places we love going back to, and this one of them. We were joined by Chessie and BJ as well as a group if friends and had so much fun together in this beautiful part of the world. Being able to meet up with family and friends on holidays is very important to us and we try to do this as much as we can as I am a big believer that fun times should always be shared!


Family time in Lekfuda was an absolute treat. Being able to call a villa home for a few weeks was just what was called for after weeks of travelling, eating and shopping - now it was time to relax. Days on the beach, long lunches that dragged into longer dinners made for perfect family time. A favourite holiday memory was having a family dinner with 4 of our close friends, sitting around the table of freshly cooked fish and the perfect Greek salad, laughing and crying together as we all shared stories. It was a perfect night and one that will stay with me forever. It was just so special to stop and enjoy Lefkuda in the Ionian islands, the incredible weather and amazing company.