A Valentine’s Emergency Kit

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson

Not all of us have Valentine’s Day on our minds. So what do we do as a last minute gift idea for our loved one? 

A little Valentine's Day emergency kit filled with a few sweet bits n' pieces could get you out of a whole lot of trouble if this romantic day has slipped your mind. Because I mean really, not everyone can be on top of everything all of the time, can they? I know I certainly can't! However, a quick trip to the supermarket will have your back. Filling a box with your loved one's favourite things for a night of special treats shows that you care about them. 

For my emergency kit I've chosen to indulge in gorgeous Moét & Chandon champagne and cute little chocolate freckles. I really could go on forever with other combinations, as I love creating special gifts for my family and friends. The great thing about this idea is if you have forgotten at the last minute to do something for that someone special, you can go to the supermarket or late night chemist to create something special. And, if you are looking for a cute kit to house your items in, I'd suggest Provincial Home Living's raspberry red medical box. It's a proper emergency kit, and it's red; it will work perfectly for this Valentine's Day DIY!


Emergency Kit Combinations


Champagne, Chocolates and bubble bath.


Wine, Dark Chocolate and a selection of cheeses.


Beer, Salted Nuts and a favourite DVD to watch together.


A variety of herbal teas, homemade cookies and a stack of favourite magazines.


A bunch of flowers, body moisturiser and paperback love story.


Fragrant candle, Spotify list of favourite love songs and a beautiful throw.