A Journey Through Little India

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson



Oh my, I can’t contain my excitement!


Travelling through India is always an adventure and after the last month of absolute craziness (we sold our family home, and I finished my first book!) I am excited to be heading back for some fun and relaxation. But for those who have travelled through India before know, there is little relaxation to be had in the hustle and bustle of this amazing country but let me tell you, I am going to find it!

Melbourne has a fabulous Indian community, and I love that I can get my Indian fix when I am at home. Little India in Dandenong is 30km from the CBD and offers 30 speciality shops selling wares from India, Pakistan, Fiji, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. From beautiful sari’s to delicious authentic sweets, this is most definitely my go to when I need my Indian fix. 

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I feel so inspired just walking out the door and exploring, both overseas and at home, and finding areas that specialise in some of my favourite cuisines and cultures is just as exciting at home. I'm sure most people would be surprised at the incredible communities that are in our backyard, selling the things we think we can only find in those far-flung places. Walking through Little India in Dandenong is just like that. I love how all the business owners are so happy to share with you information about the area and how to use new ingredients.

So if you can’t get yourself on a plane to experience the real thing, you know where to head locally. Why not discover a new suburb in your hometown. You might be surprised with what you find...

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A big thank you to the generous folk in Little India...


Nikita Fashions, 74 Foster Street, Dandenong (03 9769 2320)

India Bazaar International, 73-75 Foster Street, Dandenong (03 9794 7010)

Singh Big Bazaar, 78-82 Foster Street, Dandenong (0417 037 819)



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