A Hydrangea Inspired Table Setting

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson

This outdoor table setting screams all things Summer with the use of stunning hydrangeas as its theme.

When setting the table you always need to have a focal point. Sometimes it's your floral arrangement, at times it's your plates, your glasses…you get the hint! This time around it’s all about the simplicity of printed fabric.

It’s a trap I fall into week in, week out - but a table doesn’t always need fresh flowers! As much as I love flowers, sometimes you just don’t need them. Updating them each week can be expensive if they are for decorating for a dining table and you’re eating outside, and it is a hot day - flowers will wilt, and no one wants that!

For this table setting, we have printed flowers! This fabric is from Spotlight (it’s amazing the gems you can find in that store!), and I bought six metres which covers my table, plus more, very easily. It’s a simple idea that depends solely on finding the fabric that you like, some people are a little scared of using printed material but don’t be! It gives such a gorgeous, strong look that works back so well with basic crockery. Using pops of colour in your napery really changes the look up and brings in some depth and weight to the table.

Everyone has something growing in their garden. Get out the secateurs and grab a few branches, flowers, herbs; any foliage actually, take a snip and use this as your place settings to add a little interest to the table. Even if your fabrics choice is a simple stripe or spot, mixing bright green foliage in from the garden will give such a lovely pop.

It is important to keep your crockery simple, I’ve opted for a grey concrete plate which pick up the greyish green of the leaves that feature in the Hydrangea fabric. Clear wine glasses that are a little vintage in style but match oh so perfectly with the fabric, then, of course, I love to see a little pop of colour in the water glasses just to tie in nicely with the foliage.

Hydrangea fabric available from Spotlight

Hydrangea fabric available from Spotlight


Grey Concrete Plates from Fox & Ramona. Fabric used as tablecloth available from Spotlight Stores.