A Colourful Thanksgiving Table Setting

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson



When it comes to Thanksgiving, I'm sure all of our minds are taken to images of oranges, pumpkins, and hessian and all very homely natural tones...



But you know what? That doesn’t really suit my color scheme this year. Thanksgiving falls in spring in Australia so I wanted to create a colorful setting that reflected the season, it’s looking pretty damn gorgeous don’t you think?

I know that as Australians we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but I truly love the sentiment behind this day. Having one day a year to sit back, relax and talk to your family about what is making you happy in life, what you appreciate and what your dreams are for the year ahead is very special, so whether you do this on Thanksgiving day or another day of the year it really shouldn’t matter as it’s all about spreading the love.

And what better way to spread the love than through color! Ranunculus are one of my most favorite flowers and their colors really gave me the inspiration for the table settings palette. They are a bloom that comes in so many different colors and pumpkins can come in so many shapes and sizes so it really was a treat to match them up together. I was strict with myself and stuck to this palette for my tabletop so I could match my plates, rose gold cutlery and glassware. You can, of course, use any color as long as you block them together to create a bold table setting.

I really wanted a fresh look that wowed everyone when they walked into the room, and one can’t help but feel happy when looking at a table of color. From the orange tablecloth that sits brightly under the french linen cloth to the combination of wooden and orange plates. Adding a collection of different glassware really ties the look back together creating a fun, inviting Thanksgiving table.

I really am in love with this look. What do you think?

Thanksgiving 016.JPG

How to paint your Pumpkins...

  1. Take your pumpkins outside and spread them out on newspaper
  2. Read the instructions of your spray can and follow them closely. My spray cans are from Bunnings, I love their selection of colors.
  3. Holding the can at least 20cm away from pumpkin, spray from side to side, covering the pumpkin evenly.
  4. Leave to dry and spray a second coat.
Thanksgiving 019.JPG


DO NOT roast your painted pumpkin! But you can cut the peel off and roast the insides of the pumpkin. Yummo! And always make sure you spray your pumpkins in a well-ventilated area.