A Classic Combination

Blue and white is a simple, classic combination.

You really can’t go wrong with it. It's a fresh, clean look that always captures everyone's attention. Snippets of the combination here and there work beautifully but when you overdo it, you run the risk of coming off too beachy and too much like the inside of sailor inspired boathouse. Not that there's anything wrong with that….

In my home, I use a lot of white. I mean a lot. In my bedroom and bathroom, I only decorated with white and grey. I had come from a fully floral, Laura Ashley inspired bedroom (come on it was the ‘90s!) so you can understand why I have since opted for a simple palette. White as a base can work in any style, in any property on any budget. Start it off simple and add from there. White and blue as a combination has slowly crept in due to my love of ceramics. This combination of ceramics is classic and looks so amazing en masse.

I did have a moment in my life where it could be said that I went overboard with blue and white. Everything in our lounge room and kitchen was blue and white as was both Chessie and BJ's nursery. There is something so fresh about this combination and who doesn’t love all white flowers to compliment the decor? It’s perfection. 

Need some decor inspiration? 

I have always loved different Chinese urns and ceramics and have collected them for years.  Mixing them up with fabulous printed fabrics creates an eclectic, layered look. And what compliments this look is a wall of different blue and white China plates hanging in a collection. From a young girl I have loved this look and have been collecting blue and white China from trips overseas to second-hand shops or the local Asian market.

Chinese urns covered in intricate blue and white patterns, vases and figurines all can look a little odd when sitting on their own. But like anything, if you start collecting enough - mixing them with other simpler white urns, vases, and trinkets you can start to create a gorgeous look.

A great blue and white checked blanket on the arm of your blue couch works well with a collection of different blue and white fabrics.

Blue and white planters look beautiful with a green palm. This is a bold look but perfect for a beach house, so don't be timid - just go for it.

An all white bedroom looks beautiful with accent pillows with a navy trim and throw at the end of the bed.

Blue and white as a decorating combination has many backgrounds - Asian, Greek, Nautical, Turkish, Italian and the list goes on. I love to mix it all up together but if you feel nervous about this perhaps find a theme you like and stick to that. The old with the new looks interesting when paired back with the simplicity of fresh white.

Decorating is fun and the only way you learn is to have a go.



Images are from the book 'A Passion for Blue & White' by Carolyne Roehm