A Cheerful Arrangement

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson



You know that spring has arrived when you spot those

bright yellow daffodils in bloom…



I love the brightness of daffodils, it’s as simple as that. I am a big believer that when you buy flowers, you should display them as a block colour; and when you buy daffodils, the bunch will go a lot further than you think they will. The variety of daffodil and jonquil colours that are available are so beautiful; from pinks and tangerines, to whites and of course the stunningly sunny, bright yellows.

No matter how you display them in your home, they are the perfect flower that lets everyone know Spring is here. But don’t just put them into a regular vase, it’s time to get creative. Create something interesting by putting a traditional flower in a non-traditional setting, mix up your vessels to make a real feature of this vibrant bloom.  So let’s look at five ways to bring a little sunny Spring into your home by way of a fun floral arrangement.

Four ways to creatively display your daffodils...


Trophy Wife Daffodils  Why not? This vessel is perfect for a formal area, and I think adding the flowers adds a fun, quirky touch.

A Jugful of Daffodils that matches the colour of your home and makes the blooms pop!

Milk Bottles  are fun, easy and the perfect way to make your blooms fill a space, spread them out on a long table for maximum effect.

The Floral Cane Fishing Basket  I love the texture of the cane and the delicateness of the petals, together this look oozes rustic charm. 


Quick tips on planting & caring for your daffodils...


  • Plant your bulbs in Autumn and they will bloom in late Winter or early Spring
  • Daffodils should be planted in a space that receives full or part sun in well-draining soil
  • The larger the bulb, the better the flower so choose high-quality bulbs
  • Plant bulbs five times their depth, and if the winter is unusually cold, cover them with more dirt
  • Don’t overcrowd your bulbs when planting, give them a little space to grow away from each other
  • Once your daffodils bloom, deadhead the plants but leave the stems in the ground for up to six weeks
  • Lift and divide bulbs when flowering becomes sparse, share them about!
  • After blooming allow the plants to die off naturally, this helps store some nutrients in the bulbs ready for next year’s bloom


Did you know…

Only ever put two fingers worth of water in the bottom of your vase, daffodils can drown in too much water so make sure you keep them thirsty!