A Casually Elegant Table Setting Using Glassware

I have found myself a new obsession.

Lately, for me, it’s been all about the glass plate. I know, call me crazy but I love the way they just blend into the background, and your food becomes the hero. I know that white is the most popular and practical of all, but you know I like to mix it up, and glass is my go-to at the moment.

Glass plates are simple. You don’t have to worry about not having an entire set as they are the perfect dish to mix and match with others. I love showing off different edges by using a collection of plates in multiple sizes, stacked on top of each other, the more, the merrier I say! The bowls I have used in this setting are from the Fleurette range by Provincial Home Living; they are the perfect combination of clean and simple with a little vintage twist. I've also used beautiful glass Belgrade Goblets and Tumblers, they work so well with other glass accessories I already have about the house. 

Glass bowls, vases and platters are such an under utilised serving tool. I have a huge amount of large vases that I often use as salad bowls and when I do my guests love it. You can see the yummy ingredients as well as making the salad look amazing. Don't be scared to use a gorgeous vase as a serving bowl for your salads or desserts (it goes without saying, but make sure they're properly cleaned!). If you are using a vase for your salads, make sure when you're putting it all together to do it in colourful layers rather than tossing it through (save that for when you are about to serve). 

To add more drama to your glassware table setting, use a gorgeously printed tablecloth that you'll be able to see through your glassware. And if you're lucky and are hosting a daytime lunch, you may catch some light reflection off your glassware, the way a ray of sunshine can catch a particular section and display shards of light all around the room. It's perfect. Or, for an evening dinner, surround your plates and platters with candles - the twinkling reflections are gorgeous.

Great ideas for styling with glass:

  • Keeping those cute baby bottles that come with juice is an excellent way to display flowers.
  • Those beautiful fragrant candles that come in gorgeous glass are great to keep for styling together on a table by simply putting with tea candles in them.
  • Going to second-hand stores is a fun way to add to your collection of glass candlesticks. I love eclectic things and finding one of this, and one of that is a fun way to grow your collection.
  • Use vases for potted plants- great to see the soil and roots and it adds another dimension to the arrangements.

A quick tip:

Glassware often gets cloudy by being washed too often in a hot dishwasher, but there is a quick fix I am going to share with you. For hard stains, try white toothpaste. Scrub the areas with a toothbrush and rinse. You can also drop a few tablespoons of white vinegar on a dish towel and wipe the glass down; it will leave your glass cloud-free and you won’t even know vinegar was there! You can also soak your glasses in some hot water with two cups of vinegar, let it sit to dry and see the transformation. Too easy!

Are you inspired to get out your glassware?

For all glassware and other inspiring homewares and furniture visit Provincial Home Living.

Photos:  Lisa Atkinson, Copyright © Chyka Keebaugh.