Father's Day Gift Ideas



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Its all about the balance between indulgence and practicality when it comes to gifts for Fathers Day...

I so loved creating the tartan themed table setting, I just knew I had to continue this look when it came to gifting. I love how it all looks with mismatched ribbon to paper, but what I loved more is how easy it is to achieve this look. A simple google (I just searched for tartan fabric to pull up a collection of images), a simple printout - wrap and ribbon your gift and you are done!

When gifting, I do lean towards the practical, and I know this gift selection we have created for Dad is one he will love and appreciate. I think every man would love a mini esky he can hide his own bits and pieces in. Wrapping it in a practical scarf not only makes use of the scarves used on the Fathers day dining table but also keeps within my time of the occasion - tartan!

Using a baby esky as your gift box, you can fill it with whatever Dad loves. To cover all bases, I have filled my two with some chocolate and sweet treats, and the other is filled with a collection of boutique beers.

Other ideas to fill the Esky with are…

  • Children art, cupcakes, framed family photo
  • Picnic ingredients for an afternoon at the park 
  • Jocks, socks, skin cream,
  • Bottle opener, coasters, beer cozies, hip flask
  • Garden secateurs, packets of seeds, garden gloves, small watering can


Creative Gifting for Dad

A Handyman's Wreath I have enjoyed playing with the concept of ‘handy dad’ for this Father’s day. Especially when it comes to this DIY wreath, I got to go crazy in the two dollar shop buying all these fun little items to decorate with. My colour palette was chosen for me as when I was looking for tools they were in red, silver & wood; which looks great against the dark wood of the wreath.

A simple breakfast in bed (with a twist) will most definitely make his day. Now I love this idea, when I was planning what to do for Father's Day, I automatically thought of a lovely breakfast in bed (because for Mother's Day that’s what I love) but how can I put my little twist on it? Similar to the versatile wreath idea, What is the special man in your life really into? This idea is perfect for Dad the handyman, with a little toolbox breakfast package that I think it is just so cute and versatile. It’s an idea that can be used for anyone's special day.

Gifts to keep Dad in Style...

  • Beard Oils, perfect for conditioning and taming the beard if it’s a little scrappy.
  • A good moisturiser,  one with 50+ SPF that moisturises as well as protects. I know it sounds like an advert but we all need to look after our skin. Really!
  • An appointment at the barber, every four weeks for a tidy up, that's the rules so make him stick to them.
  • His signature scent, maybe your dad mixes it up a little, and can't find the exact scent he likes. Get him a section of samples so he can choose and then buy him what he wants, simple.
  • A good beard comb, get that beard trained to grow in a particular direction and help reduce ingrown hairs.
  • Make your dad up his own shoe kit with shoe horn, wax, brush and cloth. New shoelaces also make an old pair look new again.
  • A beautiful box for dad to keep his cuff links in.
  • A leather wallet to keep all of the many cables we have in our lives now neat and tidy.
  • Personalised leather notebook/passport holder/wallet.



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