Organise Your Wardrobe Like A Professional

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson

Having an organised wardrobe can be hard work! even for me, it can be hard to find to remember where my favourite earrings are, or if my comfy jeans are folder away or still in the wash! but it needn't be so hard with these few simple tips.

My wardrobe is a little out of control.But, you know what? I wear nearly everything that is in there. And more than once! I love clothes, I love fashion and seeing as I have a whole room dedicated to it you have probably now worked out I am pretty serious when it comes to keeping it organised. Culling your wardrobe can be one of the most time-consuming jobs. There are always items you love that don't fit you - get them tailored or get rid of them, pieces that never fit perfectly - get rid of them, items in need of hemming/darning/adding a button to - get it fixed. Little things that make items unwearable should be dealt with straight away.

Paying strict attention to each items washing instructions is a sure way of keeping your clothes in excellent condition but having an organised space can also help you get the most out of your clothes. Having a dressing room like mine is an absolute luxury, being its room I was able to keep all my clothing racks and shelving open so I can see every item when choosing my outfits. If you have your wardrobe in a walk through space it is best to have cupboard doors; it keeps the room looking much neater. Like everything in this space, I keep my outfits colour coded & in sections. Jumpers folded in drawers, shirts hanging in one section and longer dresses hanging in another. I always keep my gym gear together in the easiest, most accessible spot with the hope that it will inspire me to get outdoors a little more, it works, I promise!


  • Clear perspex boxes are one of my favourite wardrobe organisers. This way I can colour coordinate scarves, clutch bags, gloves - all the smaller items that I can get too quickly as I can see them clearly.
  • Don’t be scared to cull your bathers when they get a little shabby, elastic tires and colours fade so they need to be thrown own. Ill fitting swimmers a big no-no. Same goes for your underwear!
  • Keeping lavender sachets in socks and jocks drawers, and always using a draw liner will keep your clothes smelling fresh. Even slipping perfume sample cards in drawers is a quick and easy way to add some sweet smells to drawers.
  • A great luxury would be to have a mini steamer to steam out those little wrinkles, that's on my wishlist!
  • Using wall hooks are great to have in wardrobe, so if you are going out in the night, you can hang your outfit up and work out your accessories in a way that is easy to see. Perfect for when you have a few outfits to choose from and can’t make up your mind! 
  • Melbourne with it’s unpredictable weather is no help when it comes to putting away your winter jackets. Ideally, you would put away warmer layers and take out the lighter layers. This shuffle helps with the storage situation as well as making all of your clothing more weather appropriate.
  • If you have good winter coat - faux fur, leather jackets, etc.. keep them in suit bags for the winter months to keep them in tip-top shape and ready to pull out the following year. Dry clean them after each winter so they are ready for the next.
  • Keep all the extra beads, buttons that come with clothes; you never know when they will come in handy.
  • Now I am getting a little fussy! But I do like my coat hangers to match; I like black velvet ones that you can get from Costco, no matter what you hang on it (silk, satin, etc..) it will stay on. Also, it will not cramp up your space, and it will make your wardrobe look cohesive. Steer clear of the wire coat hangers, you want all your hangers to be matching and pretty. 
  • Stocking up on some good quality leather cleaner is a must. Keep this near your leather bags and give them a good scrub down every year. The bottom of bags are notorious for scuffs, treat them carefully and clean them well and they will last for years.
  • Washing clothes by fabric type rather than colour can also save your clothes, not having zips and buttons scratching around them in the machine.
  • Learn the basics when it comes to mending - sewing on a button, darning a sock... its all sounds pretty basic but you got to get to it pretty quickly. Using nail polish to stop runs is always a quick fix!
  • As soon as clothes need mending or dry-clean, don’t wait! Get it done or you will forget. 

Buy quality, not quantity and take care of your clothes. Like everything, classic pieces an investment, and if you treat it right it will keep you comfortable for years!