Organising Your Shoe Collection

Chyka Keebaugh

My wardrobe is absolutely my most favourite room in the house.

I am sure you have all had a little tour of this space before, and you know that I love this room so much. It’s very much my happy space and out of all the rooms in my home, this is the one I get the most questions about. Which I love! Because seriously, I could spend all day in here playing with all the pretty things.

Having this room organised is the only way it can work, I need to know where everything is at all times, you never know when you need those greek pom pom dangling earrings now do you? So let’s break it down, it’s all about shoes, jewels and clothes. Each section of the space is meticulously organised because thats exactly how I like it.

Let’s talk shoes. I do love my shoes! But I am very pedantic about the way I store and care for them. Not your everyday slip-on but my collection of coloured heels, winter boots and the like. I consider them quite an investment so of course they should be treated as such! Like everything in my dressing room I like my shoes to be colour blocked, I don’t want to have to search through my entire collection of heels to find that perfect pair, so keeping the ‘good’ shoes in drawers and my every day shoes at the bottom of the cupboards work well for me.

Tips on keeping your shoes in shape

  • When purchasing new shoes I always check the soles to ensure I am going to get the longest life possible out of them. Get your new shoes resoled, make sure they fit perfectly and give them a good spray to protect the material from the elements. Do all you can to get the best out of them.
  • Storing your shoes in clear perspex boxes not only keeps them dust free but when piled on top of one another you can save space and see what’s what at the same time. If you like to keep them in their original boxes, stick a photograph of them on the outside.
  • Vacuuming out the bottom of your shoe shelves a few times a year, keep the dirt outside.
  • If your shoes come in fabric bags, keep these bags. They will come in handy when you travel for storing your shoes and keeping them off your clothes.
  • Invest in a shoes stretcher, stuffing them with wet paper works but having a real stretcher is much better for your shoes.
  • Love the style but not the colour? Get your shoes dyed. It really does work!
  • Did you know that you can get silver plates put on the bottom of your pointy shoes. This keep the point… well pointy!

Photos:  Lisa Atkinson, Copyright © Chyka Keebaugh.