Get Creative In The Garden With Baskets

We all think of terracotta pots when it comes to outdoor decor, but why are we always looking past a wire or wicker basket?

Baskets are perfect for holding plants and creating that French provincial look. They are also perfect for all the storage that is needed in the garden (yes, another area of the home that works well when organised!). For years now, I have used soft cane baskets to hold my outdoor plants, it makes the plants easier to move about and also creates a little more interest than having them in a simple pot. I love a french, rustic look so scattering plant filled baskets throughout the yard makes me feel a little European and gives the garden that little bit extra. 

To achieve this look, I have used some of the Kubu Storage Baskets from Provincial Home Living, but they also have other varieties of baskets that could be used to store your firewood or your garden tools too.

Great uses for wicker baskets in your garden:

  • Get some great wicker frames for a climbing vegetables, they always look so gorgeous.

  • English also use wicker to break up and divide herb and vegetable gardens.
  • If you are a bulb planter - cane is ideal for storing bulbs the potting shed. Perfect for storing all your garden tools in a neat and fashionable way.
  • Need to store seeds? A few little mini baskets are perfect.
  • If you have a flower garden or a tree full of fruit, baskets are the perfect way to collect these. 
  • Keep spare baskets near the back door to store muddy shoes, dog leads, and bags, everything you need for a dog walk.
  • Wandering the garden with a basket in hand collecting your flowers, what could be more perfect?

How do you use baskets in your garden?

For basket solutions or more inspiring homewares and furniture visit Provincial Home Living.

Photos:  Lisa Atkinson, Copyright © Chyka Keebaugh.