A Winter's Table Setting

Has a genius thought ever woken you at night?

I did! It involved books, wooden plates and orchids! OK, so that’s not your usual midnight brainwave, but I can't help the way my mind works. For these winter months, it’s lovely to get cosy and stay indoors surrounded by some beautiful candle light. It’s all about soups and hot cups of tea, reading books under blankets and flannelette sheets. So there is no reason why your table setting shouldn’t match this wintery vibe. I love the idea of setting a table for no reason at all. Surprising the family or a couple of friends with a beautiful and warm table setting can make a weeknight meal a little more exciting. 

So my thought process went like this - books, old books, dark leather covers, in piles on a wooden table at varying heights. Candles surrounding the books, placed on top and surrounding; creating a warm flickering light, just perfect for a dinner party or cosy night in. Coloured candles have been frowned upon for a long time but using a dark brown and various heights adds to the drama and warmth. The great thing about candles is they last a long time and actually look better the more they are used with drips down the side.

Gorgeous, dark coloured orchids in tinted glass vases filling the gaps between the books and the candles. For your flowers, Orchards can be replaced by fresh herbs, roses, tulips - what ever is in season and takes your fancy. Heavily printed serviettes that tie together the colouring of the orchids with the books add a bit of drama. Wooden plates, rustic and rich in colour.




Credits: Candles by Provincial Home Living, Plates by Pottery Barn, Serviettes by Zara, Knives from South America. Photos:  Lisa Atkinson, Copyright © Chyka Keebaugh.