A Pretty Kitchen Bookshelf

I love a sweet English inspired kitchen. 

The combination of yellow, white and wood is classic and appealing on so many levels. It is fresh and bright, clean and crisp. It is contemporary, yet feels a little old school.

This shelving will act as an extension of the kitchen, so apart from looking good, it must be practical. This is the perfect solution for those of you who don’t have a lot of pantry storage. I know that in my kitchen if I can see what I have I will use them more. So no more losing items at the back of the cupboard if it’s in your face on the shelf! But like everything, as well as being fully functional, it needs to be pretty! The pops of colour bring this prettiness as well as the consistent use of white and yellow. 

Extra storage containers that match and look gorgeous are one of my favourite things to style with, whether you fill these with foods, or funky utensils are up to you - just keep it tonal. To add the pops of colour I’ve used these super cute Corinne Corn Jugs from Provincial Home Living (RRP $22.95) and Pails (RRP $3.95) keeping the look fresh and bright.

I love having vessels holding knives, forks, vintage spoons and cooking utensils, it gives the shelf a homely feel and keeps everything you use every day at hand. You can also add your cook books, maybe a lovely frame with a cute cooking quote, a collection of serviettes neatly piled up in colour order - anything that relates back to the kitchen. So stop hiding the real plates in the cupboard - bring in a shelving unit and display them with pride.

Have you thought about this?

  • Rotate your collection of dinner plates each season so that you are always using all your China.
  • Stacking up various sizes on top of each other as a space saver.
  • Pull out your everyday cutlery from the drawers and keep them in an easily available tin bucket.
  • Use wire baskets to put those practical but messy cooking tools into.
  • Put your cereal bowls and cereal close to the bottom shelves so the kids can get their breakfast with no help.
  • Use fresh products like lemons and fresh herbs to give a big punch of colour and smell for your kitchen. 
  • Don't be afraid to buy a coloured colander to put your eggs or other fresh produce into.
  • Use a variety of different sized chopping boards to create an impressive back drop.
  • Put things on the higher shelves that don't need to be often used and mix it up as much as you want to.

For more inspiring homewares and furniture, including the Obernai 2 Section Library featured above, visit Provincial Home Living 

Photos:  Lisa Atkinson, Copyright © Chyka Keebaugh.