A Gypsy Inspired Table Setting

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson

I love an exciting table setting, and this Gypsy inspired setting is a great way to play with reds, pinks and oranges.

To create a gypsy styled table setting you needn’t use every colour in the spectrum. Pick one, use it as your feature colour and build from there. I received the most fantastic bedspread from Kip & Co and this formed the basis of my whole table setting - sure, it’s meant for bed, but why can't it make it’s debut as a table cloth first?

For an eclectic, creative gypsy setting think lanterns, flowers, candles, trinkets and a fun bottle of wine. Working up from the tablecloth, of course, my next move is flowers! It was all about red poppies and raspberry dahlias, in different heights introducing depth and texture to the table. I want to see varying shapes, styles and sizes in both. It is a case of the more, the merrier, and adding these red flowers on a red cloth with matching red serviettes, underneath a red pattern canopy….I am starting to get the vibe I was after - cosy, fun and free.

The trick with gypsy cushions is to clash your patterns and colours, as long as there is a one colour present in all (mine being watermelon) your cushions will fit the look. An abundance of pillows is always fun and a quick way to fill the space. A flat coloured blanket used as a seating pad will add pops of colour amongst the pattern. Add to this some bright, eclectic Indian napkin tassels (used as table and chandelier decorations) and you will be transported to another country with the first sip of wine. 

It’s all in the details


Use those great Indian tie backs to hang off the chandelier


Add a mixture of different shapes and coloured photo frames to your table.


Make sure you have a delicious Amber smelling candle to burn.


Layer wood and old metal together to really create an eclectic feel.


The look needs to be light and flowing in summer and warmer and cosy in winter.


Mix up your glassware and China - it doesn't all need to match.


Bring in extra seating with a mixture of stools and chairs.



Cushions by Pottery Barn & Turner and Lane. Serviettes by Turner and Lane. Indian tassels by Canvas+Sasson.