Creating A Gypsy Den

I am positive I was a gypsy in a past life!

My love for travelling, collecting and colour make me think that it has forever been in my blood. As you all know I am a big fan of pattern, complex textures and bright colours, it makes me so happy to walk into a room full of these details and it most definitely is an overriding factor in my decorating style. Sure I can pare it back when the situation calls for it, but my favourite thing to do is add more, more more!

Creating a gypsy style is all based on the building. You have to live the life to create the look and feel authentically. And that doesn’t mean globetrotting and residing in a tent (unless it’s a glammed up, covered in cushions I dream of genie style!!) it means collecting, curating and layering. I love being surrounded by my travel trinkets, to me they remind me of fabulous times with family and friends and each has their little story to tell. Every port I stop in sees me bring home a trinket or two, sometimes a crate! And my house is filled with them. But this collection has taken years, many trips and a lot of rearranging. I am always mixing it up and creating new vignettes depending on the season and this is only possible because of my collections.

So how can you inject a little Boheme into your home?

  • Frame fabrics purchased from markets, like sari’s, throws and scarves. Make them into cushions, drape them over side tables. Sheer fabrics are perfect for this. Experiment with textures.
  • Bring a ladder into your home and layer it with jewellery, trinkets, figurines, hanging ornaments. A favourite corner in my house holds a ladder draped in traditional Indian jewellery; I can walk by it without touching it and hearing the coins jangle!
  • Use candles everywhere for soft romantic lighting. Even an asortment of lamps will create a beautiful glow and create a romantic ambience.
  • Layer rugs up - sisal with a Persian style rug look great together as does clashing patterns.
  • Find an old silver tray and use to hold all types of different candle to create a beautiful table centrepeice.
  • Use old cigar boxes for height on a side table - I love the colours and graphics on the labels.
  • A collection of old books with tattered covers is a great way to achieve varying heights on a table.


So what do you think? Time to get your gypsy on! 


Credits : Photography by Lisa Atkinson ©Chyka Keebaugh.