A Picnic In France

I’m the first to admit I don’t spend enough time outdoors. My spare time these days is either devoted to the couch catching up on my favourite shows or sleeping off busy week. Spare hours are few and far between, and I am guilty of not always using mine very productively. The most time I spend outdoors is walking my dogs and alfresco dining… Not really fine examples of making the most of the outdoors! I vow to push myself to get out more, to make the most of the beautiful parklands and gardens in Melbourne and really get amongst it. Even spending a little more time in my garden would be a good start.

Two years ago Bruce and I went on a car trip around the South of France. We hadn't been since we travelled there in our 20's, so this trip was like rediscovering the beautiful countryside all over again.

Bruce and I stayed at Chef Alain Ducasse's fantastic hotel and as a  surprise, Bruce organised a picnic for us. I was so excited when a 1950's Chevy truck pulled up into the courtyard of the hotel. It was beautifully maintained and had seats in the back for us to sit in. A waiter from the hotel drove us through lavender fields to the most beautiful tree that was set up for a perfect picnic. 

A beautiful old wooden table was set up with porcelain plates, linen napkins, and crystal wine glasses. Under the tree was a big blanket with sun hats and more blankets. It was one of the most romantic settings I have ever seen and as the waiter started to unpack the food I thought we are going to be here for a very long time. There was no way this food was going to be wasted! The rose was in plenty of ice and when the waiter had finished setting up - he went behind a tree and jumped on a bike leaving us with the truck and all this delicious food.

I have never smiled or loved a day so much; it was perfection.