Using Silverware In Your Garden

Sometimes a garden needs a bit of glamour and I think silver is just the thing for it!

I love scouring old second hand and antique stores and something that has been catching my eye are old trophies, teapots, creamers and sugar pots. All in their tarnished silver, waiting for a rebirth! I think these items are perfect, so full of character and in no way deserve to live their lives in the back of the cupboard! So what fun can we have with them? We can take them into the garden.

Garden beds, balconies, outdoor tables, veranda’s and the like are all perfect spots ripe for some sprucing! Now that it's Autumn, it's time to get out there and have a clean up so why not add some silver into the mix? Old colanders, trophies, teapots and vases are perfect for potting succulents or small posies of flowers. Using mixed silver containers is also a cute way to set up a small herb garden on a balcony. Collect varying sized vessels and fill with succulents and herbs or mix it up with some gorgeous pansies. Let your pots tarnish in the weather to create those beautiful silvery green-grey tones! I plant a lot of things up in sealed containers like glass vases which if you don’t over water last well.

I love the concept of creating something whimsical and exciting - it certainly will be a talking point. Going to your local nursery and having a wander around is also a great source of inspiration, so if you're not sure what you like - there you will find a whole lot to choose from. You really can’t go wrong! Think outside the box and have some fun. Create interesting little vignettes and if you only have a couple of pieces, use those and add to the collection. Believe it or not but not everything has to be finished at once and the fun of decorating I find is the hunt! 

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