Easy Peasy Piñata

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Natalie Jeffcott

I am going to tell you a secret, sometimes I cheat! And I've found a great way to make a quick and easy piñata!

I can’t do it all, I can’t cook every meal, I can’t create bouquets out of weeds, and I can’t decorate every room. I still need my downtime, and sometimes the need to sleep takes over, and I need to stop. I'd love to be able to have everything, do everything and be everything but that's not reality. My life isn't Instagram perfect; I clean my home, and I cook my dinner so why pretend that my life is anything else? So that is why I cheat!

For a Mexican party, you need to have a piñata. It's the rules, plain and simple. Have you ever tried to make your own piñata? It's really tricky, and it's time-consuming, and I used about three rolls of masking tape! And then I saw some gorgeous ones inshore and thought ‘why not just decorate it how I like it?’ So I decided to cheat! I call it half and half DIY - the basics are done, and I am adding the finishing touches. I often take the same approach to a simple sponge cake, a plainly wrapped gift or a bland pasta - add your own touches and make it your own masterpiece. Who is going to stop me?

Let's get crafty::

  1. Purchase a scantily clad piñata, ripe for dressing up! Most $2 shops and party shops have them. Even some supermarkets. Gather an assortment of craft goods to decorate with, whatever suits your fancy. I stuck with bright crepe papers and can never go past a packet of pom poms!
  2. Get your glue ready and go of it! Stick on as many or as little pom poms as you can fit, really jazz that piñata up! 
  3. Now trim your crepe paper into thinner strips and cut some fringing. This fringing replicates the styling of the piñata so wrap and glue - the more the better.

Decorating needn’t means hours of labouring. Cut corners, skip some steps and take shortcuts, I do!