Introducing Gold Into Your Decor

Once upon a time, gold in the home was considered slightly gaudy and something that was associated with the ceilings of Versailles or an over the top apartment in Vegas!

Times have changed and now gold can be seen in the small details in your home or a lush statement piece. I’ve been in some beautifully ornate homes that use gold as a feature in a very traditional way and it totally worked. These homes were older and stately; the style was consistent throughout and the almost baroque style pieces fitted in perfectly. I have also been in some ultra modern homes where touches of gold in fixtures and home wares have added small pops of glamour in a slick, minimalist home.

Personally, I love the combination of marble bench tops and brushed gold taps, a beautiful golden pendant light in a hallway or an all gold coffee table in between a pair of old leather couches. The look can be incredible and the mix of textures can really make a statement. I love the detail and contrast of textures when you place a collection of gold candlesticks on an old wooden table or a modern piece of art framed in a gold gilt frame. Gold is one of those colours that just feels luxurious and incorporating this colour in your home can certainly turn up the glam factor. 

At the moment, we are in the process of upgrading our office and the first thing we are doing is covering our reception desk in brushed gold. It will make the area look new and contemporary plus add a touch of glamour to an area that needs a bit of Va Voom. I cannot wait to see the final result, as well as the look on clients faces when they enter the space, first impressions do count!

It’s amazing how many different countries use gold in their artefacts. From Thailand where their offering bowls are gold lined, in Turkey a gold tea set. In Venice, I have found the beautiful wooden trays with gold inlays and, of course, gorgeous India with their hand printed and embroidered cushions. I love to see all the varieties of gold thread used in such detail.

So depending on your home and style, there certainly is plenty out there with a hint or an abundance of gold detail to complete your home look and style!