Create The Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson

The Easter Egg Hunt is almost a right of passage for all children, so let's make it a memorable one!

I have such found memories of creating elaborate Easter hunts for my children when they were growing up.Bruce and I would get up early and make a trail of eggs throughout the home and garden and just wait for the squeals form the kids. They tend to treasure their sleep-ins a little more these days and are more likely to trip over the eggs rather than collect them in baskets. So, needless to say, the Easter egg hunt has been shelved.

But this does not stop me from thinking about fun ways you can do the magical Easter egg hunt for your children, and creating an outdoor egg hunt is so much fun! My two hot tips are to provide the kids with little gift bags to collect their eggs and to create little arrow signs to aid the search


  1. Wooden Skewers
  2. Sticky tape
  3. Scissors
  4. Paper
  5. An assortment or colouring pencils or textas


  • Simply cut out a variety of egg shapes and arrows and write different directions on them ("That way!", "Over here!", "Turn Right" etc.).
  • Colour in the the sign any which way you like - I think a simple colour border will do the trick.
  • Sticky tape the top end of the wooden skewer to the back of your sign.
  • Scatter the signs throughout your garden by placing the skewers into the grass.

If you wanted, you could also print out some some signs and cut them into shapes too. I was also able to fin cute little ready made signs from my local $2 shop.

Alterative gifts to chocolate::

01. New Pyjamas

Easter comes around at the time of year when the weather is starting to get cooler. Why not start a new tradition in giving pyjamas?

02. Craft Items

There are so many gorgeous items out there to entertain the kids for hours, and anything bunny themed is perfect for Easter. Riot Art and Spotlight are great options to find craft items and gifts with glue, paint, pencils and canvases are always fun. Or, Target, Kikki K and Pottery Barn stock a variety of Easter-themed toys and crafts.

03. A Beautiful Book

Let's encourage some reading with an entertaining picture book or children's novel.