A Simple Way To Grow Herbs

Anyone can grow their produce, no matter what sized yard you have.

Whether it's planter boxes on windowsills, raised beds in your front yard or even a small plot in a community garden, we can all do it. I grow herbs right in my kitchen, in arms reach for when I need them for a recipe. If I can do it - anyone can! It shouldn’t be one of those things that get put in the too hard basket because it's not. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t grow so much that I don’t need to buy fruit, herbs or vegetables anymore, but I can produce bits here and there that I can eat, or I can gift. That is the fun part!

Creating a simple planter box and growing herbs is a great weekend project, and especially if you have kids. For your children to learn and appreciate where their food comes from is crucial. Lesson’s as simple as all your food doesn’t come from a shop, or a packet, you planted that, and now you can watch it grow into something you can eat - these are valuable lessons. 


Always perfect for salads, Italian meals and to add some flavour to salads. I keep mine close at hand so I can tear as I need it.


A hardy herb that is perfect as a hedge (with a divine smell as you brush past) perfect to accompany nearly anything that can be roasted. I also love rubbing it on my hands and taking a deep breath in! Rosemary in a water jug also looks pretty cool when you’ve got guests over.


Hugely versatile herb, I always grab a handful when cooking in Asian and Indian meals. Also, perfect in tea when you need something quick and fresh. I have tubs of mint around the garden - but beware! If you plant it in the garden, it will go crazy. Best to keep it potted.

Time to hit the garden!




Credits : Photography by Lisa Atkinson ©Chyka Keebaugh.