Tips For Making The Perfect Christmas Tree

Ensure your tree is ready for lights and decorations.

Get the tree looking perfect before you apply the decorations. When you put of the Christmas tree allow your self time to spruce it up before you put on any decorations. Move the branches around, straighten them and fluff them up to ensure the tree is standing tall and ready for decorations.

Put up the lights first

I always put the lights on first so that they are set fair back within the tree and you do not see the powers cords wrapping around (your decorations will be able to cover up the power cords!). Ensure the lights are evenly dispersed around the tree.

Try a garland instead of tinsel

Garland will give you a strong look throughout the tree and act as a base.

Think about your colour theme

I prefer to work with two colours rather than working with many colours. Gold and silver is always beautiful, or white and silver. Limiting your tree to fewer colours will make it more striking and visually pleasing.

Play with different shapes and textures

I love the concept of having a tree that is dynamic. To do this, different shapes and textures in your decorations are important.

Hang one set of decorations at a time

If I have a set of decorations which are all reindeers, I will hang these up all at once and then move on to my next style of decoration. Doing it this way makes you focus on one style and a time and helps to ensure all the decorations evenly cover the tree.

Don't by shy of ornaments

A variety of ornaments will help to inject a sense of quirky fun into your Christmas tree and prompts people to further inspect your tree to see all its hidden treasures.

Take a step back and admire your work from all angles

Are all the decorations evenly dispersed? Is there enough coverage? Is there too much of one particular decoration? Are then any bald patches?

Have fun

Christmas only last for a short period of time, so make the most out of your Christmas tree and create a tree you can be proud of! Play some carols, have your family help you and really make an event out of it.