Spring Clean Your Decor

Spring Clean

I am a homebody.

And there are a few particular things I do with the decor around the home at the beginning of each spring that I want to share with you.

7 Spring cleanings tasks

  1. Get that couch steam cleaned.
  2. Strip of all the throws and cushions on your chairs and couches and give them a good wash. It  also may be time for a change of palette to get some new looks happening for the warmer weather.
  3. Revise the items on your coffee tables and side tables - swap the book piles (perhaps some beautiful gardening books?) with books that are bright and colourful. I love bright and fresh covers that catch your eye and having them nearby while I am relaxing means I always have something nearby to flick through and get inspired.
  4. I love a trinket, so I like to rearrange and move them about the house, and spring is the best time to do this.
  5. Refresh any indoor pot plants - reposition them, repot.
  6. Reposition your flower vases and refresh with seasonal blooms. Perhaps get creative with your vases, as any vessel can become a vase (mason jars, jam jars, old tea tins - basically anything that holds water can hold flowers).
  7. Refresh your candles with fruity and floral scents.

Have I forgotten anything?