Get Crafty With Mason Jars

Mason Jar

Mason jars have well and truly entered our lives, haven't they?

And I must say, I am pretty happy with that! Mason jars have been around for hundreds of years, originally used as a vessel to store and pickle food. I love how the now represent a 'retro' aesthetic, and can be used in a variety of DIYs. Here's some tips on various wish the humble mason jar can be used...


Food, stationary, matches, pins, coins, jewellery, you name and I think the mason jar could store it.

Tissue Vessel

For a funky way to house your tissues, simply cut a slot into the top of the mason jar, remove the tissue from their original cardboard box home and place them into the mason jar, careful to maintain there assembly so they can easily feed through the slot of the lid.

Children's Party Gift Bags

I love the idea of children walking away from their friend's part with a mason jar full of sweet treats. Sure beast plastic bags!

Drinking Vessels

Obviously there is a craze these days of serving milkshakes in mason jars topped with donuts and sprinkles as the lids. But for a healthy alternatively, I tend to use mason jars as water glasses, adding slices of lime and mint in the jar with a retro red and white spiral straw. To me, this is so summer!