Why You Need Flowers In Your Home

I need to have flowers in my home. I just need do. 

I know it's indulgent and obsessive, but I love nothing more than walking into my home and smelling flowers. It's one of those those simple things that makes me happy. Flowers are the perfect accent in any room, they can brighten up your entrance, they can add detail and warmth to a boring coffee table and they can make your bathroom scream luxury. Need some more reasons?

Put a smile on your face

The detail and delicacy of a flower is so exquisite, and the colours are gorgeous. You'd have to by Mr. Scrooge if they did not make you smile.

Show you care

I think having flowers in your home, be it one vase or many vases of flowers, shows that you care about your home and that you want to create a home that is warm, inviting and friendly. I think there is no scent better than that of flowers. The smell of lilies in a room is one of life's greatest pleasures. 

Flowers on any budget

No matter if the flowers are from your local fruit shop or a lavish bunch from a flower shop, buying flowers is not limited to those with money. You'd be surprised how effective the cheap and cheerful carnations will look on your kitchen bench.

They can be a distraction

Have some less attractive items they you may want to hide? Place a bunch of flowers by it and the eye will draw aware from those things you don't necessarily want people to see (I think they're a good distraction having them next to tech gear like printers or TVs).