Why You Should Decorate Your Next Party With Balloons

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson

I am a big fan of the balloon, and here's why you should never underestimate the simple balloon for your next party.

From bright and fun colours that hang from streamers at a children's birthday party to intimate romantic weddings where rose gold and white balloons float to the ceiling with long luscious ribbons touching the floor.

Balloons can be dressed up or dressed down, reflective, metallic or matte, pumped full of helium or lazily floating on the ground. I really do think they are such a good option for decor at any party, and here's why...

Balloons are cost effective::

Anyone on any budget get buy balloons and they are readily available in a variety of stores. Obviously helium balloons will incur a higher expense, but a simple blow-up balloon is just as effective if assembled and applied the right way. Balloons hanging at various heights is always intriguing.

En masse they are gorgeous::

Have you ever been to a children's birthday party where the ground is literally covered with blow-up balloons that you cannot see the floor? Or a backyard party with balloons hanging from the trees or taped to to a fence, creating a wall of beautiful colour? I think we can underestimate impact you can create with simple balloons.

Balloons create a fun atmosphere::

Walking into a home or backyard filled with balloons immediately lets your guests know that this is a colourful, fun event and that everyone is there to have a good time. Leave any seriousness at the front door! 

If I were having a party and were using balloons as my decorations, but I wanted to create an elegant, sophisticated looks, I would either stick to 1-2 colours that are harmonious to each other. For instance, if I had bright pink balloons I would only use that colour or I would pair it with softer pink coloured balloons or white balloons. 

On the flip side, if I was after a more playful, silly atmosphere, such a children's birthday party, I would not have such limitations and instead use a variety of colours (no more than five colours though). I think for parties such as this you can be more bold and have conflicting colours.