Paint Your Home With Flowers This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Nothing screams Valentine's Day more than flowers. And I'm not talking about the red rose in the plastic tube!

I'm talking luscious armfuls of roses that arrive on your doorstep or at work with handwritten declarations of love. I just adore it. But it seems silly to me to wait for someone to give a gorgeous bunch of flowers (if you are even lucky enough to have a special someone that give them them to you), so, why not paint your home with flowers in prep for Valentine's Day instead?

No matter your budget or how many vases you have, you can create a truly beautiful and inviting home this Valentine's Day. Now I will admit that I am a little flower obsessed, and here are my two choices of flowers for decorating you home this Valentine's are..


A classic. I love having bunches that are a variety of pinks amping up to reds - the ombre effect that flowers naturally create is just divine. And if there was ever an excuses to have flowers in the home, Valentine's Day is it!

Fish Fern

Fish fern is my simple go-to arrangement. I know it's kind of daddy, but I love the colour green and how long these last for (you'll get almost four weeks out of these. Value for money!).