Must Have For A Night In On Valentine's Day

Chyka Keebaugh

To me Valentine's Day is all about a beautiful bunch of flowers, a romantic dinner and some time relaxing together. 

My ideal dinner is at home - I know, it's the most exciting way to celebrate as there are so many fabulous restaurants to go to, but there is something cosy about staying at home on Valentine's.

Bruce and I have always has a delicious dinner at home, usually outside as it tend to be still hot in February. One thing we never skimp on is delicious champagne, and we'll cook a nice luxurious dinner - something that we have very infrequently, which makes it more special. For us it's lobster. 

This is our tradition that we've maintained for 25 years and I love it. If you are inclined to spend a quiet night home with your loved one this Valentine's Day, may I suggest some tips...

Splurge on that bottle of Champagne

No matter your budget, you will be able to find a beautiful bottle of Champagne. Don't be afraid to ask the shopkeepers for assistance, or even tell them what meal you are eating - they'll be able to find you the right bottle within your budget to compliment your meal. Don't forget the strawberries too!

Cook with with your partner

And cooking a meal that you would have very infrequently, if it all. For us it's lobster, for you it might be salmon, steak or chicken cacciatore. Whatever meal it is, I think it is important that it be something you rarely it - it's makes the meal more luxurious and special.

Have a tech-free night

No phones, no internet. I'm sure your emails and text messages can wait till the following morning?

Candlelight at the table

To heighten the romance of the occasion.