Let's Edit Your Candles For Winter

Winter Candles

Every season I slightly alter the palette of my decor.

Come winter I like to introduce warmer tones such as chocolates, caramels and warm greys to give me a feeling of warmth.

Winter is also time to do a stocktake of all your candles. No doubt in the previous warmer months you have had fruity and floral scents wafting through your home. But for winter I think there is a need to replace these with more heady fragrances that are more woody and rich. My picks for winter scents are...

Amber & Smoke

Tobacco & Patchouli

Ember & Resin

A favourite brand I go to for such candles is Paddywax, a US based artisan fragrance maker. You can buy direct from them online or there are many boutique homewares stores that stock their candles.