Flowers Too Expensive? Here's One That Will Last

Fish Fern

I love having flowers at home 

But as we all know, that can get expensive, as most flowers won't even last you a week. What else can you do?

Well, I think the perfect solution is fish fern! Ferns themselves are inexpensive - relatively speaking - hey love being in a light bright room, they're low maintenance and the last! I have been able to get a good four weeks out of a vase full of fish fern. 

I know they are such an old fashioned plant, but I do think they are making a comeback. I just love how they are able to bring a bit of the outdoors indoors. I sometimes tend to also make them a centrepiece on the kitchen table. I'll decorate some beautiful moss around the vases and add some small clusters of figs around the centrepiece. It definitely gives a 'wow' factor with a pop of green in the room.

Your fern will thrive if it's kept at a consistent temperature in a plastic pot. It it is in a ceramic pot it will not retain the same amount of moisture. Ferns love the light but not too much - indirect sunlight is always best. Also, ferns love steam, so having one in your bathroom is perfect to soak up steam from the showers and baths.

These plants are very robust and tough, so don't be afraid to prune it or divide it and repot.

Why don't you try sourcing some fish fern and see what you can create around your home?