12 Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tasks You Must Do

Chyka Keebaugh

I cannot tell you how much I love spring!

From the buds blossoming on the trees, to the arrival of spring flowers and to the chance to open the back door and not freeze to death!

Now is the perfect time to complete that outdoor to-do list as we prepare to head into the warmer months. Here are 12 of my must-do outdoor spring cleaning chores...

  1. Rake all dead foilage and dispose.
  2. Brush all the cobwebs from the windows.
  3. Give the outdoor furniture a good scrub down. A bucket of hot water and soap and a cloth and away you go!
  4. Refresh some flower pots. Now is the ideal time to be potting seasonal blooms or blooms.
  5. Repaint the window sills. Hopefully you don't need to be doing this every year, but I think it's always good to do the annual check. Most of the time my windows have only needed some minor touch ups.
  6. Replace light globes on outside lights.
  7. Give the BBQ an overhaul. No doubt it's going to get a decent workout as we head into the warmer months!
  8. Check you sprinklers and ensure they are all in good working order as we head into warmer weather. Adjust your preset timers too.
  9. Replace any dead plants in the garden beds. Again, now's the time to plant seasonal plants.
  10. Get the outdoor umbrellas out and make sure they are clean and fresh and in good working order. You don't want to be caught out when the relatives come over for a surprise visit and you have no adequate outdoor shade if you all want to sit outside.
  11. Scrub the outdoor deck. Perhaps it also needs a re-coat?
  12. Remove any moss that's grown in between the brickwork. It's a pain, I know, but it will just look more yucky as time goes on.