Why not go Glamping these school holidays?

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Shannon Lamden

If going away on a holiday is out of the question, why not go on a holiday in your own backyard?

I love the idea of 'glamping', of camping out in your backyard without the hassle of real camping. I think it is a brilliant way to pass the time on the school holidays with the kids, or even a romantic night out.

You may think a sound a little nuts. Glamping? Well you may be right, but you haven't done it Chyka style! Here's what I'd do...

  1. Source an outdoor tent or marquee (see my Volkwagen camper above?!). If you don't have a tent, there are plenty of cheap options for tents these days. Or, your kids might have a superhero tent you could use? But failing that, I would simply just construct a makeshift tent out of your clothing line. Simply grab some colourful, fun sheets and peg them around and above you. Easy!
  2. The idea glamping is to go low-fi. So I would grab some comfy cushions and scatter them on the ground with a blanket for seating.
  3. If you have any light weight, easy to move pots bring them into your glamp! Some potted colour and greenery will make the space inviting and fun.
  4. Outdoor lanterns with candles? Yes please (be careful with open flame candles!)!
  5. As we're going low-fi, I think this also means no tech. No tablets, no phones, no computers. Just you and your company. If anything, I would bring out a portable music player to play some music.
  6. For the kids, this needs to be a space where fun and magic happens. Bring out the board games and outdoor play equipment!
  7. We'll need food and beverage, won't we? Given we're going casual, I think some wooden serving boards with assortments of whatever nibbles you like is the way to go. Paired up with your favourite drink (a Gin & Tonic for me!) and we're in for a good time?

So, what do you think?