Let’s Give Your Garden Pots A Summer Make-Over

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson

I think oftentimes we tend to resort to terracotta pots when it comes to potting up plants in our gardens. I do love terracotta, but it didn't been the only type of pot to use in your garden.

Finally in Melbourne we are beginning to see the sun after all these months. As our gardens come into bloom it's a great time to regenerate your outdoor space and add some fresh new looks for the season ahead. Simple concrete pots are an excellent way to update your back garden without spending a fortune, whilst also adding a new texture into your garden. 

Concrete planter boxes, pots and vessels are versatile and easy to use, and with so many sizes available you can repot existing plants or do a whole new update for Summer. Provincial Home Living have a new range of beautiful concrete urns and planters made for the outdoors.  I have used a variety of their Blom Azalea Flower Pots; these charcoal planters do make any plant stand out and give a new look to you favourite blooms. Alternatively, the Terrain planters provide an elegant, traditional look.

Replanting is easy with inbuilt drainage, or if you want to cheat as I do - just put the plastic potted plant inside the concrete pot. Voila! I tend to move my plants around a lot, so having some great looking planters that are easy to move are perfect for me. 

If you have a small balcony garden, try potting herbs and succulents of different varieties and sizes for a contemporary look. If you wanted to get a little crafty, you could also mix it up a little by painting a pattern on the pots in your desired colour scheme. I have loved seeing brightly decorated vessels popping up in stores. 

Small planters are also perfect to use as centrepieces for an outdoor lunch, simply fill with herbs and guests can garnish their meals - or fill with potted flowers to use instead of vases.

Big faux concrete planters work beautifully with box hedge plants. All winter my hedges have been in baskets, now I have updated them in the faux planters, and everything looks so much cleaner. It’s a clever way of creating a concrete look using faux materials - much easier on your back for larger pots and versatile in the garden because you can move them around without worrying. They also won’t weigh down on your grass or deck as much and cause any damage.

Visit Provincial Home Living for more inspiring garden wares.

This article is sponsored by Provincial Home Living.