My Cute & Quirky Christmas Gift Wrapping Tip

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson

I believe that just as much thought should go into the wrapping of a gift as the gift itself, so here are some cute but quirky ways to decorate your Christmas gifts.

Wouldn’t you agree that half the excitement of receiving a gift is the actual unwrapping of it!? Now you all know that I am always looking for new and exciting ways to to use various items in the most unexpected but fantastic ways, and a lovely way to bring my oomph to your Christmas presents is to incorporate a hanging Christmas decoration into your wrapping. Hanging actual Christmas decorations from gift bag handles or tied in with your ribbons not only looks beautiful, but they can also be kept and added to the receiver’s Christmas tree. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!  

Provincial Home Living’s 2016 Christmas decorations look great both on the tree and as decorative items on your Christmas presents – many of their new decorations feature soft, neutral colours that work well against any Christmas colour theme, including my pink and white Christmas colour theme this year.

The Casper decoration is a gorgeous antique brass that will look beautiful against brown paper wrapping or gorgeous wicker baskets to give a rustic, vintage feel, as does the Casper Tear Drop Bauble. And how cute are these paper Santa sacks? They're a great way to bundle together lots of smaller presents, and better yet, they can be reused to store children's toys all year round.

For a more traditional look I’ve used a Krans wreath which works well to give a nice contrast against my brighter coloured wrapping paper and ribbon. 

For gifting for children, these cute Bunny Snow Globes or Vintage Glass Clip Birds are a fun option to consider.

Or, for those of you feeling a little crafty, why not make a cluster of cute pom-poms to tie to your Christmas presents? Choose your own colours to fit within your colour theme and away you go! Read my earlier article here on how to make your own pom-poms.

As creative as I like to get with my wrapping, I can never go past including traditional Christmas holly into my gift wrapping. The green of the holly matches back so perfectly with the Christmas tree and compliments almost any colour theme.

I love walking into my home and seeing a beautifully decorated tree laden with gorgeously wrapped gifts; it makes December the most exciting month of the year. So let’s get creative this Christmas and wow your family and friends with some fantastic and beautifully wrapped gifts!

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