Create A Beautiful Anniversary Tablecloth

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson

Anniversaries should always be celebrated, especially wedding anniversaries. Having recently celebrated mine, I was thinking of a clever way to make the evening more special.

Whether it be your first month together or your fiftieth wedding anniversary, these milestones should be celebrated. And most importantly, celebrated with love and in style. Bruce and I recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, he had organised the most spectacular dinner that I spent the first half an hour in tears because it was just so amazing.But not everyone has an event planner for a husband with a freakish attention to detail! So let's just get the job done ourselves shall we?

Wedding photos are just so special and they are often stuck in albums with the odd one in a frame here and there. The theme of this anniversary table is the humble wedding picture. Whether you now deem them daggy or not, pull them out - yes I wore an absolute meringue with a bow at the back but I still love it! Grab at least ten of your favourites and get them photocopied (an enlarged if need be) into about ten copies each. We are going to make a table cloth out of your beautiful photos!

How to make your anniversary tablecloth::

Assembling the photo tablecloth is very simple. It's just a matter of sticky taping the photos all together (hot tip: sticky-tape the photos together from underneath so the tape is not visible!). Depending on the size of your table, you could fill the whole table or cascade it down the sides like I have. If you are willing to cover your whole table then do make sure the photos you use are copies and not originals - we don't want food and wine spillage ruining your beautiful shots! I would also highly recommend having your photos all be in black and white; these tones will look more consistent together rather than colour photos where you may risk have lots of different colours that may clash.

The meal can be simple, it can be dessert only - this table could be in the nook of a room where you can slink off to after dinner, make it fun and romantic, a nice surprise at the end of the night. You can indulge in an Espresso Martini nightcap or an Affogato and chat about all the memories of your big day all those years ago. Celebrate your lives together and have fun.

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