How Do You Like Your Coffee?

Chyka Keebaugh asks, "How do you like your coffee?"

Latte with skim milk, please. No sugar!

That’s how I like it, once a day. Unless I am going out and I need a little pick me up, one coffee a day suits me just fine. And I love it, and I savour it. I love the smell, the feeling of warmth in my hand when I am handed a takeaway cup; I love the first sip right through to the last ad I may even close my eyes when drinking it! Melbourne is known for its love of coffee, yes we may have a little superiority complex about it, but we are proud drinkers and take it all quite seriously. There are so many types and flavours, brews and styles about these days it’s easy to get a little confused, so let’s have little coffee 101 day, shall we?

Coffee styles vary all around the world, whether is be starting your day with an espresso in Italy, drinking it at the bar standing up. In Turkey your coffee grounds can be used to tell your fortune after you drink it, and don’t order a double - you’ll never sleep again! Order your cafe au lait in France in a wide mug so you can dunk your croissant, never order flavoured coffee or ask for whipped cream - a serious no-no. In Vietnam, your coffee is sweetened with condensed milk so it tastes more like a dessert, delicious! A favourite in Greece is to pour your coffee over ice and frothed up with milk and sugar into a sweet frappe. Irish coffee is perfect to replace dessert, with a shot of whisky, a teaspoon of sugar & topped with whipped cream. It seems that wherever you go, everyone has their style and flavour which of course makes drinking it a lot more fun!

Having a spot in your home to savour your coffee is a little luxury in life we all deserve. I am excited to show off an area in my home that I have been enjoying.

And for those in doubt of what you like, or maybe you like to mix it up a little. I have created a fun little COFFEE SNOB DOWNLOAD that can school you on the coffee basic. Print it out and pin it to the inside of your pantry door or near your coffee machine and you’ll be a barista in no time! Enjoy.

Credits: Coffee Items supplied by Small Batch Roasting Co. Photos:  Lisa Atkinson, Copyright © Chyka Keebaugh.