A Spooky Table Setting

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson

Any festive holiday is a great excuse to turn your house upside down and decorate and style to celebrate the holiday. And Halloween is no exception.

You know me, any excuse for a themed event and I am there!Pulling together a little table for Halloween is always a bit of a treat. Whether it be just for decoration or if you are planning a spooky dinner party, it’s all about getting involved and in the spirit of this fun occasion.

A simple trestle table from Bunnings and black fabric from Spotlight, the feature of the table is these fantastic chandeliers from The Design Depot. Wrapping them in cobwebs and surrounding them with branches from the garden. My black plates are from Freedom, layering it up with spiders and birds, owls and mice from Vixen and Velvet. Like every table, I set up, layer - layer - layer! You want as much height and texture as you can muster, it needs to look busy and fun, creepy and crowded!

Trick or treating most certainly a fun thing to organise on your street if there are lots of children. It can be a little random in some areas with some homes getting involved and some not, but how do you know who is and who isn’t? You are either prepared, or you are not and sometimes all it takes is one person to give the neighbourhood a nudge to get them in the giving spirit. Simply letterbox dropping your neighbours with a simple balloon or ribbon and a note is all you need to do to get them involved. Hang the balloon on your door or fence and wait for the kids to come knocking, or better still - decorate your home and shout it out to the neighbourhood! 



House Decorations by Turner & Lane, Serviettes from Country Road, Pumpkins from Toscanos.