An Artist's Table

You know that feeling?

The one where you walk into a store that you love and suddenly your eyes lock on to something. And you love it instantly! Yes, that feeling. Well, that’s the exact feeling that sent shivers down this decorating addicts spine when I came across this table top. Talk about get my creativity juices flowing; I instantly imagined it on my dining table set with beautiful plates and glasses, surrounded by decadent roses and feasting on a delicious meal…

This painterly table top, from Turner & Lane, is one of the most beautiful things I had seen in a long time and fell in love as soon as I saw it, how could I not be inspired to create a beautiful table setting around it. It has been made to cover your existing table, how genius is that? It’s a fun way of changing up what you already have and giving it a fresh, new look. This top is a printed laminate that comes in two pieces but instantly I imagine how one can create this effect themselves. Whether it be on laminate, a sheet of perspex, or painting up a piece of wood, you could paint, print or decal something amazing to change the feeling of the room. It’s a cleaner look than a table cloth and depending on how creative you are you can paint both sides to create two entirely different looks.

The concept of being your very own artist and bringing out your favourite colours in the room is fun. You definitely can't go wrong! I love the drama of the printed top, with its deep rich colours and painterly strokes I couldn’t wait to get in there and set the table for a fabulous meal. 

The colour palette for this tabletop is inspired by the Suzani rug hanging on the wall. The tones I picked out were peach, red orange and green, adding in the masses of roses in a beautiful copper pot was all this table needed to push it from gorgeous to stunning. Simple coloured glassware, golden cutlery and a simple coloured serviette kept the look delicate and most importantly, didn’t distract from the beautiful table top. I love my tables to have a little something on the serviette, whether it be a name card or a small flower, but this table needed something a bit more creative. The tube of paint is a fun conversation starter - and a bargain purchased from a $2 shop! It links the themes of painterly colours and art back to the table top. Pops of copper bring this table together giving it a richness that I adore.

So what do you think? Feeling creative?




Photos:  Lisa Atkinson, Copyright © Chyka Keebaugh.