Four Steps To Clean And Shiny Marble

WORDS:: Chyka Keebaugh

PHOTOS:: Lisa Atkinson

Let's talk marble, shall we?

I've seen my fair share of rose gold, brass and copper lately, but I have also been spotting a lot of marble coming out in homewares - and I am loving it! Marble is simple, classic and a little bit glamourous. And you know I love adding a touch of glamour here and there!

Bench tops, sinks and splash backs are what first come to mind when thinking of bringing marble into the home. I have marble bench tops and I was initially worried about the porous nature of the surface and how best I could keep it clean.

Four steps to clean & shiny marble::

  • Clean it gently and frequently with a damp cloth and never use sprays or abrasive cleaners (the chemicals can damage or stain the marble).
  • Regularly use marble polish to retain its lustre.
  • Apply protective sealers every two years to help prevent staining.
  • Always use coasters! Avoid hard objects that could scratch the surface and blot spills up immediately.